10 signs of adrenal fatigue that every woman should read

adrenal fatigue symptoms

Also known as adrenal dysfunction or burnout, adrenal fatigue is very real and very common. Often seen in women aged 35-50, it lurks under the disguise of being “busy,” “tired” or “run down,” but actually, there’s so much more going on below the surface. Adrenal burnout usually occurs as a result of ongoing stress. It can […]

raw vanilla and fig cheesecake

raw paleo gluten free cheesecake

Need a sweet fix that’s good for you too? This cheesecake is guilt free and loaded with healthy ingredients.  Fresh figs are amazing. Not only do they taste divine, they’re also high in calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin C. Does that classify them as a superfood? I truly think so! Ingredients 1 cup raw almonds […]

native box review

Native Box

I love receiving parcels in the mail. It always feels like Christmas! Especially when the package has been carefully put together by a likeminded group of people to include all the sorts of cool things I love! and that’s were Native Box comes in. As much as I enjoy visiting health food shops and looking for […]

keep falling off the wagon? 5 ways to stay on track

Tips for sticking to a healthy eating program or paleo diet

When it comes to healthy eating, we all know what we have to do – eat less of the crap stuff, replace it with the good stuff. And most of us know the difference between the two. When it comes to the crunch, we know what we need to eat and avoid in order to feel better. […]

maple glazed chicken wings

paleo baked chicken wings recipe, gluten free honey soy chicken wings recipe

This is super simple “almost-paleo” weekend fare at its finest. These yummy baked chicken wings are usually enjoyed at our place while sitting on the couch, in front of the TV, with a fair few serviettes at the ready. Warning: Do not attempt to eat these with a knife and fork – that’s nowhere near […]

shiny healthy sister – bec van leeuwen

Soul Sister Circle

Bec Van Leeuwen’s business name just about says it all. Called Soul Sister Circle, it perfectly embodies what this woman is all about. Having both done B-School, Bec and I often catch up at various gatherings, and she is one of the warmest, most authentic people I know. I’m sure you’ll love getting to know her too! […]

chocolate fig chia pudding

Dairy free chocolate pudding recipe

Simple. Fresh. Seasonal. This dessert has it all. I love fig season. These luscious, nutrient-rich gems are naturally sweet and amazingly high in calcium. Like you needed another reason to eat them anyway? And raw cacao is high in magnesium, so you have the perfect calcium-magnesium hit – perfect for busy women! Does this dessert’s high […]

3 questions to ask before you see a naturopath

how to choose the right naturopath, paleo friendly naturopath

Choosing a naturopath for the first time can be confusing. And we’re not all the same. Just like doctors, dentists and many health professionals, we all have slightly different ways of treating our client’s health conditions according to our training and experience.   So how do you choose the right practitioner?   Before you book in with […]