15 healthy alternatives to processed frozen dinners

Frozen Veggies

Pre-packaged frozen meals are convenient – no one’s disputing that. But often the manufacturers cut corners to save money, leaving you with a product laden with cheap ingredients that are, at best substandard, and at worst unhealthy. It’s time to make a wiser choice when it comes to what you put in your body. One the one hand, […]

an open letter to michelle bridges

Michelle Bridges

Dear Michelle, Wow, what an unexpected week you’ve had. I understand you were just trying to have a little fun with your new advertisement, and that your comments were meant to make people feel better about being too time poor to cook, (with the hope they’d purchase your microwave TV dinners). I admit, I found your antics kinda […]

green melon quencher

Green Melon Quencher

With summer just around the corner. it’s time to pull out your blender and start soaking up that end of year vibe, with gorgeous mocktails like this one, just made to be served in the sun. This fruity elixir is chock full of vitamin C for healthy skin and electrolytes to keep you hydrated, so you’ll […]

how to make the perfect cup of tea

How to make green tea

This post is bought to you by the lovely folk at Nuffnang and IMK.  Given my English heritage, I’m pretty sure it’s in my blood to love tea. So it’s lucky that I’m kinda obsessed with it (you should see the stash in my pantry!). Yep – I’m a total tea nerd. I feel that it’s […]

shiny healthy sister – rebecca winkler

Rebecca Winkler

Wow, time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I was studying alongside this lovely lady, preparing for our final exams at the end of our 4 year degree, becoming bright-eyed, hopeful naturopaths, ready to take on the world (and probably planning a few celebratory beverages together!). That was exactly a decade ago. I’ve stayed in touch […]

relaxation for women who do too much

Tired woman sleeping at work

Recently I’ve been guilty of burning the candle at both ends. Like, really burning the ends. In fact, if a candle had more than 2 ends, if it had 10 ends, I would have burned them all. And then I would have looked for a new candle. Even my extracurricular activities, although fun, have been […]

the ultimate australian wellness bundle

Wellness Bundle

What happens when 30 of Australia’s top healthy living experts come together to contribute their best eBooks to one very special package? Introducing… The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle I’m super stoked to share this amazing offer because it’s the first of its kind in Australia… PLUS I’m also one of the contributors! The Ultimate Australian […]