new free ebook – shiny healthy wholefoods

Shiny Healthy Wholefoods

I’m STOKED to announce a new mini eBook is available now for FREE download! Shiny Healthy Wholefoods – A delicious sample of recipes from Shiny Healthy You is available now when you join my Monday Reboot newsletter tribe. All recipes are: Gluten free Dairy free Cane sugar free Easy to make …and delicious! Inside you will […]

rose petal chocolate

paleo rose petal chocolate

I finally learned how to temper chocolate! Then I made my beautiful friend Emma a birthday present – dark chocolate with rose petals. Wrapped it all up ready to go. Then realised that I needed to photograph it! Unwrapped the chocolate. Took photos. Wrapped it back up again. Haha! Now, there are 2 ways to […]

guest recipe – gluten free buckwheat bread

wholefood vegan bread recipe

Some of you may remember Kelly Fielding from when she was featured as one of my Shiny Healthy Sisters, back in October last year. I love Kelly’s passion, integrity, her creativity when it comes to healthy food, and her non-judgemental approach when it comes to getting her vegan philosophy out there. So when she approached […]

why low fat diets are making us fat and sick

Low fat diet side effects

I’m a child of the 80’s. That means I was growing up during the meteoric rise of the low-fat diet. Just about EVERYTHING that was marketed as healthy used the words “low fat,” “fat free” or “less than 1% fat.” We bought it all, tried to ignore the bland taste, and patted ourselves on the back […]

quinoa and roast pumpkin salad

gluten free paleo pumpkin quinoa salad recipe

With the cooler months upon us, it’s time to embrace warming, nourishing autumn veggies. This quinoa and pumpkin salad has a hint of chilli and lime already infused in the Brookfarm oil. However, if you can’t find it at your local shop, you can always just add a tiny pinch of cayenne and a squeeze […]

10 signs of adrenal fatigue that every woman should read

adrenal fatigue symptoms

Also known as adrenal dysfunction or burnout, adrenal fatigue is very real and very common. Often seen in women aged 35-50, it lurks under the disguise of being “busy,” “tired” or “run down,” but actually, there’s so much more going on below the surface. Adrenal burnout usually occurs as a result of ongoing stress. It can […]