winter pick-me-up giveaway!


You know the scenario… it gets towards the end of August, the end of winter is in sight… but the cold weather seems to be fiercely holding on, and you just need it to be o-v-e-r now. So I’m here with a couple of my good friends to bring you a little ray of sunshine until […]

paleo cucumber bites

Cucumber Bites

I served these bites up at my Raw High tea recently, with the intention of them being a palate cleanser in between loads of decadent desserts. They ended up being way more popular than I ever imagined! So next time you’re heading to a gathering and want to take something different that’s also gluten free, […]

raw high tea recap

High Tea James And Jules

Apologies for not posting this sooner… I was recovering from what was a huuuuge event! My first Raw High Tea and Dessert Masterclass was held in the hills behind Byron Bay on Sun 13th July. The sun shone brightly for the occasion, and despite some “interesting” navigating (thanks to some dodgy plotting by Google Maps), everyone arrived […]

5 awesome breakfast ideas, that don’t involve bread

Paleo Breakfast

I have a love/hate relationship with gluten free products. On one hand, it’s great that they exist, so that us gluten free folk don’t have to miss out on our old favourites, like occasional burgers, pasta and toast. However, pre-packaged gluten free products are not necessarily healthy just because they’re gluten free! Most of these products […]

white chocolate and lemon slice

White Chocolate Lemon Slice

You may have noticed in a recent post that I’ve been hard at work lately, coming up with a dairy free white chocolate recipe. Well, now that I’m happy with it, the possibilities are endless! Expect a fair few white chocolate posts here and there. This lemon slice recipe actually has three layers, even though […]

patch cafe – a paleo lover’s paradise

Patch Cafe Tom

There’s been a lot of hype about the recent opening of Patch Cafe in Melbourne. So last weekend when I was in town for a wedding, I made a beeline for the place. Patch is nestled in the ground floor of the old GTV9 building in Richmond, which has been recently developed into apartments. Aaaaahhhh, […]

sticking to a wellness program… without getting stuck

Damien Meldrum

  Guest Post by Damien Meldrum – Emotional Kinesiologist at Kirra Chiropractic Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia. I asked Damo if he would like to feature on my blog because he has some very cool insights into why we eat the way we do, and why we put off making changes, even when we know those changes […]

slow cooked lamb shanks

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free This delicious slow cooked meal is the perfect winter comfort food, without all the stodgy carbs. Two hours of cooking time means that the lamb will be just falling off the bone. If you would like to make a paleo version of this dish, simply leave out the lentils and […]