Why I’ll never ask you to strive for “New Year, New You”

Why I’ll never ask you to strive for “New Year, New You”

Did a bumpy start to 2020 mean that your good intentions for your health went out the window?

Notice that I didn’t say “New Years Resolutions?” That was intentional. Because right now, that whole “Resolutions” and “New Year, New You” stuff is making me throw up in the back of my throat a little.

Who the eff is this “New You” that we’re all trying to be?

I’ve come to wonder if the “New You” that we’re always striving for is some mythical creature that somehow resembles how we looked and felt when we were 21.

New You never has cellulite. Or saggy boobs. Or a belly paunch. Or that loose pad of fat or skin under the chin that gives us another chin (is the technical term “neck waddle??”). Noooo… Mythical New You has perfectly polished nails, has just come from pilates class, and never, ever wears mis-matching activewear. And she’s scoffing a green juice infused with “good vibes” by some crew in Bondi. Or Byron. Because New You is a little too perfect… and a little hard to live up to.

Meh – this is all sounding a bit stressful if you ask me.

I have a better idea.

Meet “Future You.” She’s kinda like “New You,” but far kinder to herself, and more real… yet HEALTHIER. (Psst! And she’s having waaaay more fun!)

Future you is strong, happy and in control of her health.

Future You feels energised, and full of life and laughter. (Maybe a little bit less grumpy at the hubby or kids too… not judging… just sayin’…)

Future You eats well 90% of the time, and this does wonders for her digestion and skin. She might also give herself a leave pass to eat some non-perfect food on special occasions, without too much fallout. (And yes, Friday is a special occasion sometimes, because it just is).

Future You heals her gut and as a result, starts feeling less anxious and overwhelmed. (Yep, the gut-brain connection is 100% a THING).

Future You declutters her space, learns techniques to manage her stress levels, and finds time for the things that make her feel GOOD, and ALIVE, and HAPPY again.

Future You actually sounds pretty awesome.

Let’s get serious for a moment. If the last few months has left you feeling exhausted and depleted, it’s high time you made some changes… BUT… in a way that’s kind to you, sustainable, and dare I say it… enjoyable.

That’s why I’ve opened the doors to a brand new membership, and I’d love to welcome you in.

It’s called Love Your Adrenals, and it’s jam packed full of stress-reducing, nervous-system-nourishing, overwhelm-banishing goodness.

This isn’t a program – it’s a complete mindset, lifestyle and health shift. But it’s done at YOUR pace. (And it won’t feel like work!).

There’s so much good stuff to see and do – recipes, videos, mindset lessons, monthly group challenges, webinars… and so much more. There’s even an option to be coached 1:1 by yours truly!

So if you’re feeling ready to uplevel your health, click here, and check out Love Your Adrenals.

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below, and let’s chat.


Love Jules (and Future Jules) xo

P.S. There’s a Foundation Membership special on right now until Jan 31st 2020, so get amongst it ūüėČ

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