Tune Into My Brand New Podcast on iTunes!

Tune Into My Brand New Podcast on iTunes!


It’s finally here! Shiny Healthy You is now a podcast and is live on iTunes!

Produced in conjunction with the awesome blokes over at The Wellness Couch, this is a straight-talking natural health show for busy women who want to live a happy, healthy, wholefood life that totally rocks!

Covering both body and mind, this is a wellness show that leaves no stone unturned. I will be speaking with naturopaths, doctors, chiropractors, wholefood recipe developers, chemical-free living experts, life coaches, mindfulness practitioners, and so much more.

If it makes you healthy, happy and energised, we’ll be chatting about it.

There are 3 episodes already up on iTunes (I don’t do things by halves, haha!), and you will see a new episode arrive every week – so make sure you subscribe.

Episode 1 is a quick introduction to the show and a little about me.

Episode 2 is a kick-ass interview with wholefood legend Lisa Corduff.

Episode 3 is a candid chat with Adele McConnell (AKA Vegie Head).

Click here to download and subscribe to Shiny Healthy You now.

In addition, every few episodes there will be an “Ask the Naturopath” show, where I will answer your most curly natural health questions. Got a question you’d like answered? Great! Scroll down this page until you see the contact form on the right hand side, and submit your question there. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the podcast. Want to leave me a review? YAY!!! Here’s a quick screenshot of how to do it. I’m giving free hugs for everyone who leaves a 5 star review!!! (Please note – free hug must be redeemed in Byron Bay!)

How to leave a review for Jules' podcast

Podcasts are awesome. You can listen to them while you walk, drive, go to the gym or do the housework. So tune in here and get on board the Shiny Train now – it’s going to be so much fun! 🙂

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