STNH 8: Monica Kade – How I ended the battle with my body

Straight Talking Natural Health naturopath podcast

STNH 8: Monica Kade – How I ended the battle with my body

Straight Talking Natural Health naturopath podcast

This episode comes with a trigger warning – we will be talking about topics like anorexia, bulimia and mental health.

Monica Kade is a writer and podcaster who has been featured in some major websites and publications. But her most recent achievement is a much more personal affair. You see, she has recently released a book that is all about her fight with poor body image, self-judgement, and eating disorders.

Tune into this episode to hear about:

  • Why eating disorders are even more of a problem than we think in Australia
  • How eating disorders can start at a very young age
  • How Monica overcame both anorexia and bulimia
  • How she “came out” to her friends about her illness, and how she asked for help
  • Why connection was crucial to healing
  • How she learned to love her own body, no matter what
  • The influence of media, culture and Instagram on women’s body image
  • How to tell when a diet is healthy, or if it’s becoming dangerous
  • Her message for mums of teenage girls, or anyone with a loved one going through this

This is a very important topic, so this episode is a must for not only all women, but also anyone who has a daughter.

Want to connect with Monica? 

Check out her website at

Connect with her on Facebook here.

She’s on Instagram here.

And you can find her book The Storm Under My Skin here.


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