STNH 15: Dr Carrie Jones – Hormones, cortisol and why we’re so broken

Dr Carrie Jones - DUTCH Testing

STNH 15: Dr Carrie Jones – Hormones, cortisol and why we’re so broken

Dr Carrie Jones - DUTCH Testing

“Hormones are like children – they need to be attended to at all times.”

Today’s guest is someone that I only recently discovered when watching some seminars online… but when I came across her, I was hooked! She boils the hard stuff down to make it easy, her talks are super relatable, and dare I say it, maybe even a little bit entertaining. Yep – she’s my new functional medicine nerdy girl crush.

She’s also the Clinical Medical Director of Precision Analytical, a company that does some pretty cool functional medicine testing including the DUTCH test and the cortisol awakening response. So of course I did what any nerdy girl would do – I asked her to come on the show so that I can pick her brain about her zones of genius – women’s hormones, adrenals, and functional testing.

Yep, we’re getting into the technical stuff today – so grab a pen and paper, strap yourself in, and soak up the wisdom that is Dr Carrie Jones.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The reason that women are more affected than men when it comes to toxic exposure.
  • Why plastics (and bottled water!) are so bad when it comes to hormone disruption.
  • The causes of PMS, endometriosis and fertility problems.
  • The rise in weight gain and moodiness in men, and what to do about it.
  • Which hormones to test for and why.
  • How to re-balance your hormones (there’s plenty that we can do!).
  • Why liver detoxification is key to hormone balance.
  • Why TSH is not a TRUE marker of what your thyroid is doing (and what you should be testing instead).
  • DUTCH Testing for female hormones – what it is, and who can benefit from it.
  • The different markers on a hormone test and what they mean.
  • Why estrogen-dominant cancers can be affected by our hormone detoxification pathways.
  • Why broccoli and brassica-based foods and supplements can help with hormone balance.
  • The COMT gene and its role in hormone metabolism.
  • A supplement called DIM – when to use it, when NOT to use it, and why you need to be super careful with it.
  • The link between elevated histamine and oestrogen.
  • Why getting your cortisol tested via a single blood test is NOT the most accurate way to do it.
  • Why issues with cortisol balance can lead to autoimmune disease (and how to prevent it!).
  • How to reset your circadian rhythms, and why deep sleep is EVERYTHING.


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