sariayah’s story

sariayah’s story

Recently my cousin Krystal contacted me for help – her youngest daughter Sariayah, aged 3, had terrible reflux, would often vomit her food straight after eating. She weighed 9kg, and had even plummeted to 7.5kg at one stage (the weight of a 6 month old). Doctors wanted to perform an operation to investigate the problem further. Krystal was at her wits end yet didn’t want to put her daughter through the op. So the doctors prescribed drugs, which they said she would probably be on for life. For life? She’s only 3 years old! Krystal figured there had to be an alternative.

Without seeing Sariayah (we live a long way away from each other), I was hesitant to prescribe any herbs or supplements – you should really see the patient in person when you are prescribing these. So I came up with a plan to tide us over until I could visit. The plan was simple – a basic elimination diet, targeting the “usual” food allergy suspects. No gluten, no dairy, no eggs. That was it. If that didn’t work we would send her for allergy testing or try eliminating some other foods.

In less than 48 hours I received a message – not only had the reflux symptoms and the vomiting stopped, Sariayah was now eating like a horse for the first time ever! Normally a picky eater, she was now devouring every (gluten free/dairy free/egg free) offering that was being put in front of her. And asking for seconds!

After 4 weeks the changes were immense. Sariayah now weighed 10.4kg, she had only had one day of reflux symptoms in a month, and was thriving. Not only that, but other changes were happening as well – all of a sudden she was enjoying her swimming lessons and putting her head underwater. Up until the point when we changed her diet, swimming lessons had been a nightmare, but now the swimming instructor says she is like a different child.

It got me thinking – the information I gave to Krystal needs to be out there for parents to see. How many kids have health issues (everything from niggly probems, to asthma, eczema, behavioural issues and more serious illnesses) that could be helped by making a few simple changes to their diet? I wondered – how many families are out there who could use this information?

So this blog was born. My aim is to educate and inspire those on the road to better health by making allergy free living fun, easy, and above all, yummy. Enjoy!


  • Krystal
    Posted at 08:39h, 18 May Reply

    Sariayah is now at 10.6 kg. She is confirmed as a wheat, egg and dairy intolerant … still to confirm the gluten. With 3 children and 2 adults it is not always easy to cook alternative meals for just 1 so we are slowly emptying the cupboard and replacing with gluten/ wheat/ egg/ dairy free alternatives. It’s not as hard as I first imagined … did take a full day of “researching” what was available at local supermarkets and health shops … and then did a price comparison.

    Sariayah’s older siblings, Liam and Laura have seen firsthand the results of Sariayah’s intolerances and are very helpful and willing to try her “new” foods. They are also wanting to get in and help with cooking all sorts of new recipes for their little sister.

  • Eve Heath
    Posted at 22:26h, 05 June Reply

    Fantastic information, thankyou for writing this blog, so many families would benefitfrom your knowledge.

  • Krystal
    Posted at 17:23h, 21 September Reply

    Update on Sariayah. 5 months on and now Sariayah weighs a very healthy 12 kg. People comment on just how good she looks.
    We had an appointment with a pediatric allergist who has confirmed that Sariayah has no allergies, but that there are definite food intolerances.
    We have also had her on healing herbs as prescribed by her naturopath. She is now able to tolerate small amounts of wheat occasionally. This is lovely as she doesn’t need to miss out on the occasional special occasion cake at childcare although she only has a tiny piece supplemented by gluten / dairy / egg free cupcake from the freezer. The pediatric allergist believes that we are on the right path and that she will be healed if we keep doing what we are doing. Not bad from a medical specialist!! to agree that the natural therapies approach is what is working 🙂

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