Join us for an “Ask the Naturopath” Q&A, where Jules will answer your burning health and wellbeing questions. This week we feature: Food intolerances – symptoms to look out for and the best tests to do. How to begin healing the gut, and why kombucha alone doesn’t work. And...

Meet Adele McConnell – a multi-passionate entrepreneur, living a life of health, vitality and authenticity. Whether the subject is nourishing recipes, animal cruelty, healthy vs unhealthy vegan living or chemical free skincare, this vivacious beauty will give it to you straight. Adele reveals how to create healthy...

Hi, and welcome to my NEW podcast, Shiny Healthy You! Each week I will be bringing you the best in natural health, with information, inspiration and interviews with wellness industry leaders. This show is all about finding small, achievable action steps to move towards the shiny, healthy...

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