Open Now! Parkes Ave Dispensary

Parkes Ave Dispensary Naturopathic Medicines Byron Bay

Open Now! Parkes Ave Dispensary

Parkes Ave Dispensary Naturopathic Medicines Byron Bay

We are open for business

Our new baby, Parkes Ave Dispensary, is located in the Habitat complex in Byron Bay.

We are a both a naturopathic dispensary for all your herb and supplement needs, and a clinic, with three qualified practitioners ready to see you.

What’s a naturopathic dispensary?

It’s a place where you can get natural solutions for your health issues. We stock herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, therapeutic herbal teas, topical herbal creams and other natural remedies. We have qualified practitioners on hand to give you advice, dispense practitioner-only products and to make up custom remedies for you.

All kinds of people visit dispensaries in Australia, including mums, dads, busy professionals, students, people with both acute and chronic illnesses, and people who simply want to stay well.

It’s kind of like a neighbourhood pharmacy, except everything is natural (which we think is a much safer option!).

Here’s what we offer:

  • A huge range of practitioner-only herbs and supplements
  • FREE “quick fix” 5-10 minute consultations with one of our three qualified naturopaths
  • In person and Skype/phone appointments
  • Postage of supplements Australia wide

Parkes Ave Dispensary Herbal Medicines Byron Bay


If you have something that can be addressed with just a short 5-10 chat, then our FREE “quick fix” option is for you!

We can do these consultations either in person, or via phone or Skype.


Call us on 0499 900 556 between 10am-4pm (NSW time) Monday to Friday, and one of our awesome naturopaths will help you.

If you live in Byron Bay, there’s no need for an appointment – just pop in! We’re at the rear of 20 Parkes Ave, Byron Bay, in the Habitat complex (enter via Fullerton Lane).

How to find us - map

We can help you with issues like:

Colds and flues

Boosting immunity

Tummy troubles

Sleep issues

PMS and period pain

Hot flushes

Inflammation and joint pain

Stress, study and productivity

General health and wellbeing

… to name just a few!

Keen to know more about us?

Then follow our adventures on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Parkes Ave Dispensary Team Byron Bay

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