how to make the perfect boiled egg (it’s really simple!)

how to make the perfect boiled egg (it’s really simple!)

How to cook perfect boiled eggs

For so many years, my hard boiled eggs were dry, dull, and boring. I’d place them gently them in cold water, bring them to the boil and then cook the crap out of them for 10 minutes (or sometimes longer if I forgot to set a timer!).

I was doing it all wrong.

I needed to treat the eggs with more respect. The perfect hard boiled egg is JUST cooked through. It has a bright, sunny, just-soft yolk (not a pale yellow one with a hint of grey around the edges!). It’s easy to peel and tastes creamy, fresh and delicious.

These perfect boiled eggs will keep you coming back for more. Peel them, slice them, and serve with salads, on top of paleo bread with avocado, or just munch them on their own with a tiny sprinkle of good quality salt.

Mmmmmm… nature’s perfect protein, now made even better by cooking it right. And it’s even more simple to do than the “old” way. Yes, really!

How to cook the best boiled eggs

Let’s do this! 

Start with fresh, free range, room temperature eggs.

Fill a medium saucepan up with warm tap water until it’s 3cm from the top.

Add your eggs and put onto a high heat.

Get it up to a rolling boil (that means big bubbles and lots of them).

Immediately take your saucepan off the heat, but leave the eggs to sit in the hot water for 6 minutes.

Plunge your eggs into cold water for 10 seconds, and then peel.

If you’re not planning to eat your perfectly boiled eggs straight away, leave the shells on and store in the fridge.

How to make boiled eggs

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