Hayley Proof – The sign of a simple (healthy) recipe

Hayley Proof – The sign of a simple (healthy) recipe

Looking for simple healthy recipes and aren’t sure whether they really are as simple as they say?

Meet my gorgeous Byron bestie Hayley Carr – Peak performance life coach, former world karate champion, and all round amazing human. She’s a better surfer than me, a better singer than me, and has waaaaay more balls than me when it comes to doing scary shit (like jumping out of a plane or off a cliff). You’d think she would nail just about anything she turns her hand to, and she generally does… except for one little problem. Hayley is a terrible cook. Like bought-a-thermomix-and-still-burns-stuff type of terrible cook.

hayley carr simple healthy recipes

A meal with Hayley usually goes something like this…

We plan to have dinner at her house.

She texts me in the afternoon to ask what she should cook. I run some ideas past her, we come up with a plan, and I tell her what to buy.

She grabs the ingredients and manages to have them spread out on the kitchen bench JUST as I arrive.

With confusion and overwhelm in her eyes, she pleads for help, hands me a (blunt) chef’s knife, pours us each a wine or a cup of tea (depending on the mood), and then retreats to the living area to watch… like this:


I take over and make the dinner.

But… no longer!

We’re going to teach Hayley how to cook. And if you’re easily overwhelmed in the kitchen, you can play along too.

You see, Hayley has started attempting some of the easy recipes in my Shiny Healthy You program… with great success! She’s made a couple of salads, a chicken casserole, and hopefully soon she’ll be moving onto desserts (then I can take the whole night off!).

She has been doing so well that we joked the recipes in my program were Hayley Proof. So, as a hilarious surprise gift, she got a logo made up for me! Check it out:


So I’m going to put it to good use. I’m going to use it any time I post a recipe that Hayley can make, unassisted, while I sit on the couch, wine/tea in hand, ugg boots on, soaking up the cosy vibes from her open fire.

If you see this logo on any of my recipes, rest assured that it’s PERFECT for beginners (hey, you might even be able to get the kids to do it!).

Hayley Proof recipes have to meet 3 key criteria: They will be:

  • Quick
  • Simple
  • And decidedly non-overwhelming (so not too many steps or ingredients).

And they will probably go with wine. And tea. (Ok, that’s 5 key criteria!)

Stay tuned – there’s some awesome Hayley Proof recipes coming your way soon!


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