Episode 72: Scott Gooding and Neera Scott – Change your mindset, change your life

Changing our habits – have we been doing it all wrong?

What if, instead about trying to force ourselves to adopt a new diet, a new lifestyle, or a new fitness regime, we simply just observed what was there in our minds, without judgement?

Podcast interview about mindfulness and healthy eating

This podcast deals with the crucial first step that many of us have missed… and that’s mindfulness.

And… in this episode, you get a 2-for-1 deal… 2 guests that is.

You may remember Scott Gooding from Episode 60, where we talked about making real food simple, fun, sexy and affordable. He’s a passionate real food cook, a former MKR finalist, and an all round top bloke. He’s just brought out a new health program that doesn’t just focus on diet and exercise (although they’re a big part of it), but he’s also included modules on super important topics like mindset, motivation and psychology.

Neera Scott is also involved in this program as Scott’s mindfulness mentor. She is a passionate yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and her superpower is taking Eastern philosophy concepts and making it translatable to corporate clients in big cities. She also teaches people how to deal with the daunting feelings that arise as they face being outside their comfort zone.

In this episode, we also tackle some very important questions:

Why do we fall back into self-sabotage?

How do we create momentum to reach our health goals?

What tools can we use to keep ourselves on track?

How do we deal with feelings of low self esteem, and stop being hard on ourselves?

We also talk about the importance of taking personal responsibility for our wellbeing, like cooking at home, rather than ordering in.

“Everytime you outsource food thru Deliveroo… you’re relinquishing control of your own health.”

There’s also a lot in this episode about the difference between making a change, and developing a whole new way of living. Because we can all make changes, but it’s making those changes long term that’s the key to success.

“You are the custodian of your own health.”

If you’re ready to adopt a new, healthy habit, shake up your lifestyle, and give it your all this time (no more yo-yo-ing around!), this podcast is for YOU.

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Want to connect with Scott and Neera?

You’ll find Scott Gooding here.

And his brand new program, Reconditioned Me, is here.

And you can connect with Neera on LinkedIn here and at her website here.

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