Episode 69: Amy Mingin – Natural Contraception

Episode 69: Amy Mingin – Natural Contraception

In a rather hilarious coincidence, today’s topic is the perfect segue after talking about sex for the last three episodes. You see, we are going to be talking about natural contraception.

All too often I have patients come to me, super confused as to which method of contraception to choose. The Pill has been linked to blood clots, stroke, high blood pressure and even some cancers. IUDs are invasive and hard to remove, and they either secrete copper or hormones, and barrier methods… well… let’s face it, they’re kinda annoying.

But what if I told you that you have other options?

My special guest is here to help us navigate that. Meet Amy Mingin – a naturopath based on the Gold Coast with a special interest in women’s hormonal health. She even runs workshops on natural contraception.

In order to provide a balanced look at this topic, we look at the pros and cons of the most common contraceptives, including the pill, IUDs, Implanon, barrier methods and more. You will learn what side effects to look for, and the effectiveness of each.

Did you know…

That the pill can change your microbiome?

How about the effect of the pill and IUDs on weight gain?

Or the changes in moods that might happen with contraceptive implants?

So…  if you’re looking for an alternative, listen up…

Amy takes us through a natural system of contraception, which, when done properly, can be very effective (Amy says that even just taking your basal temperature properly has been said to be over 99% effective). Yes, it takes a little bit of extra tracking and planning, but it CAN be done.

Amy will take you through the process that she teaches, including charting your cycle, taking your basal temperature and chow to check your vaginal mucous (yep – we’re going there!).

And the bonus? It can not only be used as contraception, but when you’re ready, it’s also super useful in achieving conception. So tune in, even if you’re planning to have a baby soon!

“Put the apps down.”

Amy can teach you how to chart your cycle on a “good old piece of paper” and will give you the first simple steps that you need to get started.

She also has awesome advice on how to come off the pill without experiencing so many side effects.

She also has some hot tips on how to navigate all this stuff if you’re a mum chatting to your teenage daughter about choices of contraception.

Want to connect with Amy?

Visit her website here.

Connect with her on Facebook here.

And browse her Instagram page here.

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