Episode 64: Kym Campbell – On PCOS, infertility and the natural way to balance hormones

Episode 64: Kym Campbell – On PCOS, infertility and the natural way to balance hormones

Meet Kym Campbell. She has a personal story to share that (unfortunately) is bound to resonate with many women. You see, she dearly wanted to have children, but struggled for years with infertility. She was eventually diagnosed with a condition called PCOS (which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome), which makes it very difficult for women to fall pregnant.

After modern medicine couldn’t provide a cure, she embarked on a mission to do whatever she could to become healthier, naturally – and the biggest change she made was to her diet, with stunning results.

Heal PCOS naturally

“It was a huge pivot in my life.”

She now helps other women with infertility to walk the same path back to health.

In this episode we chat about:
• What PCOS is, and why we develop it
• The symptoms to look out for if you suspect you have PCOS
• Why you need to address PCOS, even if you’re not planning to have a baby
• “Lean PCOS” and why you don’t need to gain weight in order to have this disorder
• Conventional medicine, IVF, and why the standard PCOS treatments don’t always work
• Which foods you should definitely avoid in PCOS (hello, sugar – you’re enemy number 1!)
• How functional medicine can help with women’s hormonal issues
• Other changes besides diet, that helped Kym to heal her body once and for all

We also chat about why so many women with PCOS don’t even know they have it (and how to get formally diagnosed).

“I went to a lot of doctors before I was even given a diagnosis.”

We also talk you through the dietary tweaks that needed to happen in order for Kym to beat PCOS (and how to stop feeling overwhelmed if you’re going through it too!).

“It really is possible, no matter where you come from, no matter what your starting point is.”

If you battle with hormonal issues, irregular periods, excess belly fat, blood sugar issues, weight gain, low energy levels, or if you’re struggling to get pregnant, this episode is a MUST.

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Want to connect with Kym?

Her free 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge (which is a live event that runs 4 times a year) is here: http://www.smartfertilitychoices.com/free-30-day-pcos-diet-challenge/

She’s written a blog post that is the perfect guide for anyone wanting get started on the right kind of diet for PCOS: http://www.smartfertilitychoices.com/pcos-diet/

Kym’s website: http://www.smartfertilitychoices.com/

The Beat PCOS 10 Week PCOS Program: http://beatpcos.com/

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