Episode 57: Katherine Maslen – On modern naturopathy, Dr Google, and THAT doTerra essential oil controversy

Episode 57: Katherine Maslen – On modern naturopathy, Dr Google, and THAT doTerra essential oil controversy

Meet Katherine Maslen – fellow naturopath, nutritionist, author, speaker… and a bit of a renegade when it comes to the health scene.

Katherine Maslen naturopath doTerra esseniall oils interview

She’s been featured on the Today show on Channel 9, ABC radio, Wellbeing, Good Health and Marie Claire magazines. She still works in clinical practice, but these days she’s also on a mission to change the way that people think about health, through speaking engagements, media appearances and her blog.

I’ve brought her on the show because she’s known around the naturopathic traps as one THE go-to practitioners. She’s also caused a wee bit of controversy in recent times.

We chat about the benefits and the dangers of getting your health info from Google, Facebook or health forums.

We also shoot the breeze about the rise in popularity of functional testing in practice, and the pros and cons of latest types of blood testing and hormone testing, especially in fertility and female repro cases. Katherine also reveals her love for herbal medicine and why there’s so much magic in using herbs in a traditional way.

She also is a huge advocate of self-care as a key to healing – and her definition is so simple that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before!

She also broke the internet recently (true story – she had so much traffic it crashed her website!) after she wrote a VERY controversial blog post on the dangers of taking essential oils. It began after she saw a very popular brand of essential oil being used in a pancake recipe for children. So I pick her brain about this too… and she doesn’t hold back!

(Oh – and don’t even get her started on those MLM supplements and weight loss shakes!)

My favourite quotes from this episode include:

“Sometimes you just need someone to kick your ass (and) tell you what’s going on.”

“(Dr Google) doesn’t take into account people’s individual makeups.”

“I haven’t been stirring the pot – I’ve just been correcting some misinformation that’s been out there recently.”

“I actually use essential oils in my practice…as part of a bacteria-killing regime, but we’re never using them daily, ever, and we’re always considering – what are the other effects on the microbiome?”

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Liked what you heard? Here’s where to find Katherine:

Website: https://katherinemaslen.com/

Her clinic is at http://brisbanenaturalhealth.com.au

Social Media Links:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/katherinemaslen

Insta: http://instagram.com/katherinemaslen

Her awesome health challenge is here:


And of course… Katherine’s post on essential oils is here.



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