Episode 54: Amanda Campbell – On MS, Autoimmunity and Kinesiology

Episode 54: Amanda Campbell – On MS, Autoimmunity and Kinesiology

Meet Amanda Campbell from Bend Like Bamboo. She’s a passionate kinesiologist with a special interest in autoimmune conditions. You see, when Amanda was in her 20’s, she was diagnosed with MS, and autoimmune condition that many would consider to be a life sentence.

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From hardcore steroids and months spent in rehab in hospital, to finally being able to wriggle her toes, and then learning to walk again, Amanda’s road to recovery looks like a long and arduous uphill struggle. Then she discovered kinesiology, mindset changes and wholefood eating, and this became her turning point for transformation.

“I do believe I wasn’t listening, and life said, Alright – if you’re not going to slow down, I’m going to slow you down.”

In this episode you will find out:

  • Why Amanda believes she became sick in the first place
  • The mindset shifts that had to happen in order for her to get well
  • How she eats to maintain her health now
  • The links between stress and disease
  • What kinesiology is and how it works
  • Who might benefit from kinesiology
  • Why it’s important to see the body as a whole (taking emotions into account)
  • What your different body parts might be trying to tell you about your emotions
  • What she says to anyone who says kinesiology is “pseudoscience”

Want to find out more about Amanda?

Check out her website here.

Connect with her on Facebook here.

Amanda’s practice, Bend Like Bamboo, is based in Prahran, Melbourne. Email the lovely Gina at hello@bendlikebamboo.com, mention this podcast, and receive 20% off your first appointment. YAY!


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  • Heather
    Posted at 09:27h, 25 January Reply

    Such an inspirational story. To go from hospital to such a happy and healthy looking individual who discovered their OWN road to recovery. I discovered Kinesiology recently and am making steps to learn it through some software I discovered on Aeon Reviews. Following this I will look at formal classes locally.

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