Episode 53: Rachael Kable – Mindfulness for Busy Women

Episode 53: Rachael Kable – Mindfulness for Busy Women

Mindfulness… We all know we should do it, but how many of us actually consciously practice it every day? All too often we can get caught up in our daily tasks and struggles, and forget to take the time to bring awareness to simple actions that can create balance and relaxation.

Shiny Healthy You Rachel Kable

Enter Rachael Kable. Her podcast, The Mindful Kind, is consistently at the top of the iTunes charts, and with good reason – the short, bite-sized episodes are full of actionable take-aways, delivered in a gentle, calming way.

In this episode, we pick Rachael’s brain about:

  • How to kick off a mindfulness practice
  • Why the mind wanders, and how to bring it back
  • How to weave mindfulness into everything you do
  • Why, when done correctly, mindfulness doesn’t feel like a chore
  • How to remind yourself to practice mindfulness
  • How to cope with stressful situations
  • Why sad is not a bad feeling (and how to deal with it)
  • How to get your partner and family involved

Take a deep breath, sit back, and (mindfully) listen to this episode, and watch your stress hormones drop away… ahhhhhh!!!

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Check out her top-rating podcast here.

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