Episode 52: Rebecca Sullivan – The Art of the Natural Home

Episode 52: Rebecca Sullivan – The Art of the Natural Home

Meet Rebecca Sullivan – an eco-activist, food writer, urban farmer, and amazing cook. She’s passionate about preserving our heritage and passing on time-honoured traditions in the home that she refers to as “granny skills.”

She’s just released a new book, all about the art of making beautiful, simple products from scratch. It’s called The Art of the Natural Home, and I’ve got her on the show this week to find out more…

Shiny Healthy You Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

In this episode, we cover:

  • How we lost these simple household skills in the first place
  • Why slow food, chemical free living and making things from scratch is having such a resurgence in popularity right now
  • Why it’s so important to connect with our elders and learn skills and crafts from them (rather than just Googling and YouTubing that stuff!)
  • Tips for cleaning the home, naturally and effectively
  • And bacon. Delicious, delicious (home made) bacon
  • Did I mention bacon?

Rebecca walks her talk and is a frank and honest speaker, so grab a cup of tea, your crochet granny blanket, and listen along as we go down many juicy tangents about community, connection, and our emotional bond with food.

Rebecca’s stunningly beautiful new book, The Art of the Natural Home is out now through Simon and Schuster publishers, and you’ll find it at all the usual book stores.

Want to connect with Rebecca?

Find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/grannyskills/

Check out her lovely Instagram feed at https://www.instagram.com/grannyskills/

Shiny Healthy You Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

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