Episode 51: Jessica Murnane – Managing Endometriosis with a Plant Based Diet

Episode 51: Jessica Murnane – Managing Endometriosis with a Plant Based Diet

Meet Jessica Murnane – a passionate cook, recipe creator, podcaster… and endometriosis thriver. I came across her show “One Part Podcast” on iTunes recently and just LOVED her inspiring, optimistic and non-judgemental style when it comes to health and the foods she chooses to eat.

Shiny Healthy You Jessica Murnane One Part Plant

It takes women an average of 10 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis (Jessica went to a multitude of doctors who never picked it up), and it’s still one of the most misdiagnosed conditions out there. Jessica tells us the signs and symptoms to look out for and shares tips on how to get formally diagnosed. If you have trouble with your periods, her advice is to seek out help – don’t just accept it as being normal.

“It’s not normal for you not to function on your period.”

After a couple of surgeries and trying out a range of drugs, Jessica was still in pain, suffering from severe depression, and was then offered a hysterectomy.

A timely encounter with a friend resulted in her trying a plant based diet as her last ditch effort. Kicking and screaming, she gave up the meat and the cheese, and although it was a very rough time, she stuck with it. And the rewards were immense. She avoided a hysterectomy and is now 80% symptom-free!

Jessica is now on a mission to get us all to eat just ONE plant-based meal per day, and she plans to achieve this by showing them just how delicious healthy eating can be. Her new recipe book, One Part Plant, is chock full of easy plant-based recipes using ingredients that are familiar and not too “out there.”

Listen to Jess’s take on which foods cause inflammation in the body, how the right and wrong foods to eat can be different for everyone, and how to put out the inflammatory fire by figuring out your own personal triggers.

“I have no judgement when it comes to how people eat because I just want them to find a way to eat that makes them feel good.”

This is an episode that every woman should listen to.

Shiny Healthy You Jessica Murnane One Part Plant

If you want to find out more about Jessica Murnane, check out these links:

Jessica’s Website:

Her awesome podcast is here:

If you’re in Australia, you can purchase her book here.

Trigger alert: We chat a lot about depression in this episode. If you are feeling low, please seek out help. Contact Beyond Blue at http://beyondblue.org.au or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for immediate assistance.

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