Episode 49: Penny Murden – Coming Back from Chronic Fatigue

Episode 49: Penny Murden – Coming Back from Chronic Fatigue

Today’s guest started out as a client and ended up as a friend. She was one of the first women to join my Shiny Healthy You program, and I had the privilege of watching her go from strength to strength. From chronic fatigue to recently conquering (for the second time) an EPIC mountain bike event in New Zealand, this is one focused woman who knows what she wants and once she gets her eyes on the prize, you know she’s going to smash through all kinds of barriers.

Shiny Healthy You Penny Murden

I’ve brought her on the podcast today to show you that it CAN be done – it IS possible to get back on track after chronic fatigue. Not only that, but we’re going to pick her brain as to HOW she stayed on track.

Listen, as we cover Penny’s 3 pillars to better health. Find out how she went from chronic pain and illness to not taking a single painkiller in 6 months. Listen to the compelling story of her comeback to fitness, and how she went from rock bottom to getting back to mountain biking, snowboarding, and so much more.

“Pilates changed my life.”

We cover the simple steps Penny had to make to get her body back on track, including going right back to basics and learning to move her body in a totally different way. As a qualified pilates instructor with an inquisitive “geek” side, she has loads of interesting insights to share.

“Build slowly… and when your body says ‘enough’ – stop.”

We talk about giving your body the RIGHT types of exercise when you’re still unwell, the importance of building gradually (even if you feel frustrated!), and how recovery times can vary when you’re exercising with chronic fatigue.

“I went towards exercises that challenged me but nurtured me.”

We also cover a condition called hypermobility and how it adds to chronic fatigue, and how hypermobile people need to care for their joints in a different way.

And of course, we also talk about the importance of sleeping, and how hard it can be for driven, Type A women to slow down without feeling a truckload of guilt.

“Working through that process of listening to your body and doing what it’s asking is huge and so important.”

Be inspired by Penny’s story, as she talks about taking up new and challenging activities, at an age where some people are slowing down.

“So what… I’m in my 40’s… Try and stop me!”

Penny has loads of tips on how to recover from chronic fatigue, including how to surround yourself with like-minded people who can support you. We also chat about loving your own self, no matter where you’re at.

Penny’s biggest lesson?

“Learning to work with what I have, and not with what I wish I had.”

If you’re facing roadblocks or frustration of any kind with your health, tune in and become motivated to live your best possible life, right here, right now, by honouring what you have and using it to build a foundation from where wonderful things can happen.

Want to get in touch with Penny?

You can email her at penny@pixicato.com.au

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