Episode 47: Fouad Kassab – Life-Changing Food

Episode 47: Fouad Kassab – Life-Changing Food

Meet Fouad Kassab – a man on a mission to bring us back in touch with real food.

Growing up in a war-torn country, Fouad spent his formative years hunkered down in bomb shelters and living on processed food rations provided by international aid. When his health started to suffer, he was put on countless rounds of antibiotics, as there were no other alternatives available.

Shiny Healthy You Fouad Kassab

Fast forward to 2001, and he migrated to Australia from Lebanon. He was drawn to the restaurant industry, and became one of Australia’s first food bloggers, with a website simply named “The Food Blog.”

Throughout this time his health still suffered. After years of being overweight, yo-yo dieting, acne, eczema and medications, he became fed up with the mainstream medical system. He discovered a new way of living that involved paleo food and gut healing, and he’s never looked back.

“Wellness is our birthright.”

Fouad is now passionate about getting us back in touch with healing ingredients and letting food become our medicine.

“When you go into a diet that is trying to connect you to who you are, and trying to awaken you to your true self, then this is a diet full of love and nourishment at all levels for you, and this is what you need to be well.”

Come on a journey of discovery where we will cover a lot of ground, including food culture, ancestry, and what the hell we are doing with our grains.

Warning: Listening to this man talk about food may induce cravings for local, organic and biodynamic produce!

Life Changing Food is out now!

Fouad Kassab and Jo Whitton have created a stunning new recipe book, and it’s available to purchase online.

Click here to find out more.

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