Episode 45: Helen Marshall – Reclaiming your health with paleo and primal

Episode 45: Helen Marshall – Reclaiming your health with paleo and primal

This week’s guest is Helen Marshall, a primal health coach with a desire to bring healthy eating to more homes throughout Australia.

Shiny Healthy You Helen Marshall

Helen’s journey started out by counting calories, avoiding fats, and thinking avocado was the enemy. She was anxious, tired, overwhelmed, constipated and suffering from chronic nausea. She also had zero libido, was craving wine, and started developing strange and new phobias. Not to mention she was living on All Bran and boring, bland foods! Ewwwwww!

At the end of her tether, she discovered paleo, healed her gut, and has never looked back.

If you suffer from a bunch of niggly health issues and can’t remember the last time you felt 100%, tune into this episode. Helen shares her tips for transitioning to a healthier way of living and eating, and will inspire you with her own story of how she turned the corner for good.

Get ready to transform your life, simply by changing the food that you eat.

Want to find out more about Helen?

Check out her website here:


And her Primal Alternative Facebook page is here:


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