Episode 35: Jessica Donovan – The Energetic Mama

Episode 35: Jessica Donovan – The Energetic Mama

Meet Jessica Donovan, aka Energetic Mama. She’s currently travelling around the country in a caravan with hubby and two kids in tow, but I managed to catch up with her on Skype for a chat.

Shiny Healthy You Jessica Donovan energetic mama

Jess became a naturopath at a young age. She had some challenges early on with her own hormones, and some health issues with her first baby, which sparked her interest in women’s and children’s health, and she just grew from there.

She now has a website, and eBook and programs dedicated to helping mums to transition their families to a wholefood diet, while regaining their own long-forgotten energy. Her healthy recipes are delicious, simple, and totally kid-friendly!

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • Why paracetamol is not always the best thing for fevers in kids
  • Why conditions like allergies, asthma, eczema and autism are rising at a scary rate (the statistics will shock you!)
  • Why we urgently need to reduce our exposure to toxins (even if we don’t have babies yet)
  • Why antibacterial sprays and hand sanitisers are damaging to our health
  • What kids should and shouldn’t be eating
  • How to deal with fussy eaters

Want to connect with Jess?

Website www.energeticmama.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/energeticmama

Instagram www.instagram.com/energeticmama

8 Essential wholefoods for kids (free ebook)

Natural Super Kids program www.naturalsuperkids.com


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