SHY 34: Aimee Clark – The Urban Food Forager

SHY 34: Aimee Clark – The Urban Food Forager

Meet Aimee Clark – a Queensland woman with an interesting hobby… she spends her spare time foraging for food. Whether it’s at the beach, in the bush, or in her own backyard, Aimee has learned to make use of plants that most of us would dismiss as pointless weeds.


Aimee lives what she calls a “paleo lifestyle for a modern time” and after adopting a primal way of living that incorporates food, movement and a chemical free lifestyle, foraging seemed like the natural next step.

Aimee didn’t want to pick something and eat it unless she was 100% sure it was safe, so she set out to educate herself on which plants growing wild in her local area could be eaten. She now teaches workshops on the Sunshine Coast to curious locals who want to learn to find their own “urban bush tucker”.

Surprisingly, Aimee’s not just about native plant foods. She’s also educated on introduced species and which plants can be used for their medicinal properties.

Find out why she rotates through her foraged foods, and why she doesn’t consume them all the time. Learn why you need to be mindful of in order to make foraging a safe exercise. Listen to Aimee’s take on the paleo diet, and discover how she resolved her chronic health issues by eating naturally and nourishing her body.

“I do all these drastic-sounding things, but it’s all come from learning, researching and trying, because I want to get well, and I want to live well for me.”

Aimee will show you how to find food in the most unexpected places!

  • Lemon teas without the lemon
  • Pickles made from purslane
  • Berries found in sand dunes
  • Medicinal weeds that grow through the cracks in the footpath

Come on a virtual “weed walk” with us, and find out more about the dozens of edible plants that might be living right under your nose!

Shiny Healthy You Aimee Clark Urban Food Forager

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