Episode 33: Hayley Carr – Creating (and Smashing!) Your Goals in the New Year

Episode 33: Hayley Carr – Creating (and Smashing!) Your Goals in the New Year

Meet the gorgeous and unstoppable Hayley Carr – an NLP practitioner and life coach who works with Type A personalities. She helps busy, ambitious people to slow down, find clarity, and then smash their goals like never before.


With the New Year looming, I’ve brought Hayley in to talk about goal setting and those inevitable New Years Resolutions (dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnnn!!). Whether you love or hate the whole resolution thing, this episode is a MUST.

And we don’t mince words in this one. Are New Years Resolutions rubbish? We talk about the pros and cons to putting pressure on ourselves, come Jan 1st.

“We often don’t know how close we are to the life that we crave.”

There’s so much GOLD in here! Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • How to choose a goal
  • What makes a great goal
  • The best time to set a goal for yourself
  • What questions to ask yourself when setting goals
  • How to deal with fear when it comes up
  • Why accountability is so important
  • The tricks our minds play that can lead to self-sabotage
  • What to do when you lose momentum
  • How to uncover what you REALLY want

“Everything that got you where you are, is not going to get you to where you want to go.”

We also talk about Hayley’s run in with chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue, and how her illness changed EVERYTHING for her, especially her approach to self-care.

“You don’t have to justify saying no.”

Start the New Year feeling fresh, focused and inspired. Let Hayley show you how to give yourself permission to live the life that you deeply desire.

Want to connect with Hayley?

Find her at http://hayleycarr.tv or on Facebook here.

  • Sonya Thorn
    Posted at 16:36h, 30 December Reply

    Loved this podcast. I could have listened all day. So much useful and enlightening information.

    • Jules Galloway
      Posted at 17:03h, 30 December Reply

      Thanks so much, Sonya! Hayley is SUCH a superstar, isn’t she?

  • Leslie
    Posted at 14:20h, 03 January Reply

    This podcast put me into a lot of thinking when I was running today. I was thinking: now it’s the second day of the new year, and yes, what’s the goal?

    As a Type A person, the issue I’m experiencing more is: there are too many goals not only for a year, but also for a day, a week, and a month. Sometimes if I don’t have a list of 8 or 9 goals listed for a day, I’d scratch my hair and feel I’m underliving it.

    Starting from a few months ago I’ve realized I have to scale back and take things slower. So, one way to do it while still being focused was to have just 1 goal. I’d ask myself “what is the one single most important goal for tmr?” the night before, write it down, then just focus on that one thing, slowly, steadily and intensely. It has been helpful, and it’s the technique I’d love to carry on in the new year.

    • Jules Galloway
      Posted at 18:28h, 04 January Reply

      Thanks so much for the insight, Leslie. Sometimes I think that slowing down is THE hardest challenge of all. I love your technique – will be recommending it to my Type A clients too!

      • Leslie
        Posted at 12:24h, 06 January Reply

        Thank you very much Jules, I’d like share one of my favorite quote of 2016 and 2017:

        “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” By Lao Tsu from 2000 years ago.

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