Episode 30 – A Healthier Christmas

Episode 30 – A Healthier Christmas


This week we take a little time out from interviews to bring you a Christmas Special, woohoooo!!!

What does Christmas look like for you? Is it a magical holiday season, full of wonder, joy and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from celebrating with friends and family? Or do you sneer “Bah Humbug!” as you race around like a headless chook, from one exhausting event to another, eating too much, drinking too much, and dreading that upcoming family Christmas gathering or work function? Do you throw up a little bit in the back of your throat when you hear a Christmas carol?

Welcome to the first of a series of bite size episodes to help keep you focused, inspired and possibly even relaxed on the run into Christmas. Over the next few weeks, my podcasts will be short, sharp, and full of actionable little nuggets that you can incorporate into this super super busy time of year.

In this episode we dive into surviving Christmas functions without the blowout. We discuss simple healthy swaps you can make to upgrade to healthier options when it comes to party food. We talk about creating a healthy mindset (where guilt and shame cannot co-exist!), and I’ll show you how to save your adrenals by creating mindful moments in your super busy day.

Have you already overindulged? Don’t stress! There are tips in here for you too 🙂

Want all my handy Christmas Survival tips in one place? Head to https://julesgalloway.com/christmas to download my simple 1-page guide to a Healthy Christmas. YAY!

Here’s a couple of healthy Christmas truffle recipes (yum!):

Crunchy Choc Peppermint Truffles;


Raw Cranberry Choc Truffles:


Raw Cacao and Blueberry Truffles


I’ll be back next week with another bite-sized episode to help you get through the festive season. Have a beautiful week!

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