Episode 28: Lynda Griparic – Naturopath and Poo Whisperer

Episode 28: Lynda Griparic – Naturopath and Poo Whisperer

Meet Lynda Griparic – a naturopath, nutritionist, yin yoga teacher… and a poo whisperer.

In this episode we’re going to dive into the topic of healthy bowel function and constipation… yep, strap yourself in… we’re going there!


Find out why we struggle to talk about poo, and learn what’s normal when it comes to bowel motions.

Discover what causes constipation, and what happens to our bodies when we don’t poo regularly. Then, Lynda will give you heaps of tips on how to get things moving again (hint: it’s not just about fibre and water!). We also look at the link between moving your body and moving your bowels.

Think that detox teas are totally safe? Lynda and I chat about the different types of laxatives, and why it may be dangerous to use some of them on an ongoing basis.

We also discuss the investigative work you should consider if nothing else is working.

Welcome to en episode where nothing is taboo – we sweep aside any embarrassment and get down to the nitty gritty… all in the name of better health!

Want to find out more?

Head to https://lyndagriparic.com/

Or find Lynda on Facebook at https://facebook.com/www.playfulhealth.com.au

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