Episode 27: Rachel Favilla – From autoimmune disease to thriving with wholefoods

Episode 27: Rachel Favilla – From autoimmune disease to thriving with wholefoods

Meet Rachel Favilla – when she was just 11 years old, her world was slowly turned upside down.


At first, her generalised anxiety and minor digestive issues were dismissed as being “normal.” Severe weight loss then led to accusations of an eating disorder. Tests for coeliac disease proved to be negative. She was forced to eat gluten. She developed depression. Little did she know she has an autoimmune disease of the liver that was slowly killing her.

When conventional medicine couldn’t offer any hope, and she was faced with the prospect of a liver transplant, she turned to food for answers. She started doing her own research, and embarked on a simple wholefood diet.

Listen to Rachel’s story about how healing the gut improved her mental health (and the biochemistry behind it). Learn how she transitioned to a healthier diet (hint: it wasn’t even that hard!). Find out her views on the chemicals in personal care products, and the impact they have on growing teenage bodies.

“What’s scary is that when you try to have this conversation with some people, you get shut down.”

“I just wish that real food was normal and that chemical free was normal, so then everyone could just be healthy.”

Listen to her shoot down those who think that gluten free is ONLY for those with coeliac disease.

“If you don’t want to give up your bread and your pasta and all your personal care products, it’s very easy to believe the skeptics’ side.”

“Don’t wait to get sick before you make the change, because it’s so much harder coming back.”

Rachel is now studying nutrition and yoga teaching so that she can help others (yay!), and is on a mission to spread the message that there is no “one size fits all” approach for everyone.

Be prepared to be blown away by the wisdom and determination of this young woman. She is certainly one to watch!

Want to find Rachel online?

Check out her website here: http://www.realsoupfortherealsoul.com/

Listen to her podcast The Healthy Exceptionat http://thewellnesscouch.com/category/the

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