Episode 26: Samantha Gowing – Real, raw and rockin’ it in the wellness world

Episode 26: Samantha Gowing – Real, raw and rockin’ it in the wellness world

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Meet Samantha Gowing – a critically acclaimed spa chef with a Le Cordon Bleu Masters in Gastronomic Tourism. She’s also a nutritionist, speaker, mentor, and founder of Byron Bay Cooking School.

As one of Melbourne’s youngest ever female publicans, Sam started out life around the rock n’ roll and live music scene – not the usual story you’d expect from a healthy foodie.

Following the loss of her dear father in 1991, Sam became interested in the role that diet plays in disease prevention. She became qualified in clinical nutrition and went on to become a leader in Australia’s ever-evolving health and fitness industry. She has dedicated decades to researching the healing properties of various foods.

However, the essence of who Sam was always came back to the sharing of delicious meals, and cooking and eating with love.

“I think food tastes better when we share plates.”

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why “slippery foods” are better for your digestion
  • Japanese secrets to healthy eating and living
  • The role that acidity and inflammation have on gut health
  • Why green smoothies on the run are not necessarily healthy
  • How to achieve balance in the “great buffet of life”

Sam also dishes up some cold, hard truths on the current superfood trend, and tells us why exotic products brought in from overseas might not be as good for you as you think.

“If we classify coconut water as a superfood, we are literally barking up the wrong tree.”

Whoa! Want to know which superfoods are worth the money? You’ll have to listen to find out!

“We need to come back to basics, and we need to lose the arrogance around healthy eating.” Yep, this lady doesn’t mince words (which is why I freakin’ LOVE her!).

Sam also likes to keep it real and practice integrity when it comes to blogging and social media. Rather than pretending to be perfect, she tells it like it is.

Read her hilarious post about her colonoscopy here:


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Want to take the stress out of healthy eating? Then sit back and listen to this episode for plenty of tongue-in-cheek advice! Beware of cheap imitations – this lady is one of the originals and still the very best!

Want more of Sam?

You can find her here:


and her awesome cooking classes here:


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