Episode 24: Brenda Janschek – Break through to a healthier YOU

Episode 24: Brenda Janschek – Break through to a healthier YOU

Meet Brenda Janschek – a health coach and mum who’s come back from the brink of burnout to create a happy, healthy, wholefood-loving family.

how to raise healthy kids with Brenda Janschek

If you’re a busy woman, listen up, because in this podcast we’re going to give you strategies for nourishing your family, nurturing yourself, and raising healthy kids.

Discover how Brenda learned to cook (no – it didn’t come naturally at first!), and how she became inspired to try out new flavours.

Listen to her backstory of poor health and infertility, and what she had to do to become well again.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Healing from post natal depression and anxiety
  • Going from vegetarian to eating meat again
  • The importance of good nutrition for mental health
  • Positive self-talk and self-care
  • How to make healthy meals on the run
  • How to get kids into the kitchen
  • And why breakfast cereals are a terrible idea!

There are some beautiful takeaways in this episode.

“I’m really good at self-care now – it’s taken me a while.”

“It’s not enough to just address nutrition and exercise.”

And my favourite quote about letting go of perfectionism: “You just need to be good enough.”

Want to know more?

You can find Brenda Janschek at http://brendajanschek.com/

CLICK HERE to check out her awesome eCourse, It’s called Break Through – To feeling fantastic in a body you love (I’m a proud affiliate!)

And you’ll find Brenda on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bjhealthandlifestyle.


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