Episode 23: Leanne Anders (aka The Primal Mum) – Living a healthy primal life

Episode 23: Leanne Anders (aka The Primal Mum) – Living a healthy primal life

Meet Leanne Anders, aka the Primal Mum.


After one of her children was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that needed to be managed through diet, she became very aware of the synthetic nature of a lot of the food and supplements we eat, and the scarcity of nutrients in many of our common foods like bread.

In order to take back control, Leanne began looking at different ways of eating, and found the paleo/primal diet ticked a LOT of boxes. She shifted her family to a more natural, nutrient dense diet and they haven’t looked back.

There’s so much GOLD in here to help you get started if you’re shifting your family to a healthier diet. Leanne has found simple substitutions for old favourites, ways to create new healthy habits, and how to educate kids about good food choices without instilling feelings of guilt or shame.

“Things in packets are made by men in white coats.”

“The food you’re eating is going to help your body be the best that it can be.”

“I have to give them a little bit of leeway about making their own choices.”

“I lead a life of tilting rather than balance.”

And it’s not just about the food! We delve into other aspects of Leanne’s primal life, including mindset, self-care, movement, exercise and outdoor activities.

Listen to this podcast to help get back in tune with your food AND your environment, while reducing stress in your life. Yay!

Want to know more?

You can find Leanne at http://www.primalmum.com/

Her awesome podcast is at http://thewellnesscouch.com/category/bumi

Or check out her Instagram pages at @bumiandfriends and @primalmum

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