Episode 20: Cyndi O’Meara – What’s with Wheat? Why we need to ditch chemicals in food

Episode 20: Cyndi O’Meara – What’s with Wheat? Why we need to ditch chemicals in food

This week’s guest is a nutritionist, author, passionate speaker and now filmmaker, with her recent documentary What’s with Wheat going totally gangbusters. Cyndi O’Meara has done the hard yards, collating the research, studying the effects that pesticides and chemicals have on our bodies… and it’s time to reveal the dirty truth. She is on a mission to create a “tsunami of change” and definitely pulls no punches!

Cyndi O'Meara What's With Wheat Podcast Interview

In this episode, Cyndi will give you tools to create a healthier community and provide safer food options for the generations to come. Listen and become motivated to create small step after small step, towards a vibrant, chemical free life where we can all flourish.

Be blown away by Cyndi’s backstory, where she reveals her motivation for decades of research and campaigning (hint: her family weren’t the healthiest bunch!). Listen to her story of her transition from nutritionist to farmer, and how she manifested her dream to grow organic produce.

Find out the truth about glyphosate (aka “Round Up”), and it’s far-reaching effects on the environment, our health and our biochemistry.

We also chat about getting past the overwhelm, and how to make changes from a mindset of awareness rather than fear.

If you want to leave this world (and our food industry!) in a better state for your children and your grandchildren, listen to this episode. If you ever wondered why you should spend the extra bucks on organic food, this podcast is a must.

As Cyndi says “We can’t depend on our governments. we have to do it ourselves.”

Strap yourself in – it’s time to level up (don’t worry – you’re in good hands!). This is one episode of Shiny Healthy You that no health-conscious person can afford to miss.

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