sample food festival – clean living lunch

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sample food festival – clean living lunch

I was stoked to get a call up for this gig. Sample Food Festival is held in my very own town of Bangalow, NSW. I’ve been to it every year since we moved up here from Melbourne, and it’s a foodie and local produce lover’s paradise. Every kind of dish imaginable is represented here, from amazing local beef, lamb, seafood and pork, to raw vegan delights, and everything in between.

Held on the Friday, the Sample Clean Living Lunch featured 3 local raw food peeps – myself, Elisha Yarrington (some of you would remember her from The Conscious Cafe in Byron Bay), and Ben Flowerday, a highly trained raw chef who specialises in fine dining. Each of us took on a course, and naturally I chose dessert.

Sample food Festival Jules GallowayPrepping for 80+ people and still smiling! Stoked to be there!

Our guests of honour were Luke and Scott (the healthy personal trainer blokes from MKR), and so to celebrate their latest recipe book “Clean Living,” I decided to take on one of their recipes, a raw raspberry cheesecake. (If you’d like the recipe, it’s just been posted here)

This cheesecake was so decadent. Each one contained 2 cups of raw macadamias and 3 cups of raw cashews! Topped with raspberries and cacao nibs, its richness was sure to delight.

It wasn’t until the night before the event that it struck me… I was making THEIR dessert. For THEM. Eek!!! Would I receive a score out of 10? Was Manu likely to turn up and wish I’d given him more sauce? Oh, the pressure!!!

Jules Galloway Sample Food Festival

The day turned out perfect. Bangalow turned on the sunshine, we served sparkling fruit water on arrival, and the mood in the marquee was buoyant.

Elisha and Ben’s dishes went down a treat.  I’m going to have to hit Elisha up for her raw beetroot ravioli recipe, because she totally nailed it. And Ben’s almond and mushroom tart adorned with cold smoked cherry tomatoes was delicious. Ooooh, those tomatoes!

Raw Beetroot Ravioli

Sample Food Festival Raw Mushroom Tart

I don’t know if you’ve ever worked behind the scenes at a large scale event, but I have to tell you – the sight of over 80 empty plates lined up for each course is… well… a little scary! But we had an awesome team that ran like clockwork, everyone pitched in, and it all went perfectly.

How to plate up 80 raw paleo cheesecakes

Sample Food Festival Raw Raspberry Cheesecake

Over 80 full, happy tummies. One very relieved and happy raw dessert maker. What a spectacular day!

Sam Gowing, Candice Briggs and Me

The fabulous woman sandwich – legendary healthy chef Sam Gowing, my Paleo Health Retreats partner Candice Briggs, and me!

The raw food chefs with Trainer Luke and Scotty Fit. Photo by John Bortolin (

The raw chefs and the boys!

Thanks to Holly Galbraith, John Bortolin, Elisha Yarrington and Surly Jim (aka my lovely hubby) for taking these wonderful photos. 

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